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Boiler & HRSG Water Chemistry and Corrosion Control

This course provides attendees with a comprehensive and detailed review of the various forms of waterside degradation and corrosion that may occur in the HRSG and boiler water and steam circuits.   Subsequently, the various water treatment programs and their utility in controlling waterside damage are presented.  Numerous field case studies from recent Tetra projects are then used to give a real-world perspective. The course is primarily intended for plant chemists, operators and plant engineering staff yet technical personnel that are involved in new plant design or key O&M decision processes will also find the presented information of value.

Seminar Syllabus


  • Chemistry Basics
  • What is Corrosion?
  • Common Boiler Materials

Forms of Waterside Damage

  • Waterside Corrosion Variants-
  • Corrosion Fatigue
  • Flow-Accelerated Corrosion (FAC)
  • Deposits and Corrosion

Diagnosing Waterside Degradation

  • Metallurgy and Chemical Analysis
  • Effective Inspection Strategies
  • Analytical Tools

Introduction to Water Treatment

  • Fundamentals of Water
  • Impact of Raw Water Source
  • Impurities in Water
  • Water Quality Parameters

Raw Water to Makeup

  • Objective of Treatments
  • Basic Treatment Technologies

In-Boiler Water Chemistry Basics

  • Feedwater and Condensate
  • Boiler Water
  • Steam Purity

HRSG Water Chemistry Programs

  • AVT(O) and AVT(R)
  • Phosphate Treatments
  • Other Treatments
  • Chemistry Guidelines
  • Optimizing for Your Plant

Case Histories and Workshop

  • Chemistry Upsets
  • Experience Feedback by Attendees

This Course is Offered in a Full 2 Day Version and a 1 Day Condensed Version.


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