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Engineering & Analysis

With over 30 years of experience in power and industrial-steam generation services, Tetra Engineering has developed a broad range of services to assist you in O&M activities that maximise performance and reliability.

Performance and Efficiency

How has your actual operating profile “drifted” since the plant / boiler was designed? Today’s plants can achieve near 60% efficiency when new and operating at the optimised load-case, but operating off-design can severely reduce efficiency and heat-rate. The challenge is twofold:

  1. How can you identify where the lost Watts are going?
  2. When found, what is the best way to win them back?

Typically, performance losses are associated with age-related degradation (for example fouling), off-design operation, or modifications that lead to changes in process conditions (for example, a GT upgrade that affects downstream HRSG performance).

Tetra Engineering has the range of experience for identifying which performance losses from among the multitude of causes are recoverable in considering feasibility and cost-effectiveness.