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Chemical Cleaning of Boilers and Power Plant Piping

Choosing to clean boilers and associated piping at thermal power and process plants involves a major investment in time and money.  It is therefore essential to understand how to judge whether cleaning is justified and if it is, what the various cleaning process options are and their associated potential benefits and risks to plant and equipment. 

Course instructor is Stephen Wynne from Chemical Cleaning Consultants.

About the instructor: Mr. Wynne has over 40 years’ field experience in the industrial chemical cleaning sector, both in Europe and internationally.  He now uses this extensive knowledge to assist clients with the preparation of chemical cleaning specifications, tender evaluations and field monitoring of onsite cleaning processes, including Chemical Cleaning, High Pressure Water Jetting, Steam blowing, Oil Flushing, Pipeline Cleaning & Drying as well as pressure testing to ASME or EN standards.

Course Syllabus

Cleaning Background

  • History
  • Pre-commissioning
  • In-Service 
  • What is the objective of cleaning?

Deciding on Cleaning

  • Waterside Surface Condition Assessment
  • Effect of Boiler Age
  • Deposit Types
  • Impact of Planned Operating Regime

Defining The Cleaning Circuit

  • Preheaters & Economizers
  • Evaporators
  • Superheaters
  • External Steam and Water Piping
  • Heat Exchangers

Engineering the Circuit

  • Achieving Flow Rates
  • Cleaning Circuit Layout

Selecting the Cleaning Agent

  • Acid, Inhibitor and Passivator Options
  • Pre-cleaning stages
  • Laboratory Testing and In-Situ Trials

Process Monitoring

Assessing The Final Result

Typical Project Equipment Requirements

  • Pumps, Piping and associated piping.
  • Waste Disposal

Choosing the Cleaning Contractor 

  • Writing a Specification for Bids
  • Assessing Bids
  • Supervising the Work

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