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Power Plant Transformer Fundamentals

This two-day course is intended for O&M staff at all levels of experience working in power plants and larger industrial facilities, but should also be of interest to engineers and managers involved in the development of new projects. The course gives attendees a comprehensive overview of large transformers and their use with a focus on power plant applications, from their design and design specification to practical O&M issues. 

A detailed review of the various forms of transformer degradation that may occur in the life of transformers is included as is essential guidance for determining the root cause of common transformer failures and degradation.  

Drawing on field experience working with power transformers throughout the world, attendees will obtain detailed knowledge on all the key factors that have an impact on transformer reliability, efficiency, and operating life.

Course instructor is Michel Sacotte, President of Sacotte Partners

About the instructor: Mr. Sacotte was previously Vice President for Standardization and R&D for the Transformer Business Unit of Schneider Electric from 2010-2017.  His experience in transformers at Schneider extends back to 1975.   He has 8 patents and was chairman of working groups for a variety of international transformer standards.

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Courses are hosted worldwide. Courses can be delivered on-site and tailored to a client’s specific needs if required.

Course Syllabus

How do you specify and design a power transformer?

  • Choosing the right rated power, rated voltage, isolation levels, loss, impedance, resistance to environmental effects. 
  • An example calculation for a three-phase transformer with 2 windings is used to present the main components and the different factors such as no-load losses, load losses, impedances, dielectric distances etc. that affect their design configuration.

How do you determine the optimal cost of ownership of a power transformer?

  • Methods and examples for projecting costs according to transformer load factor, cost of energy and the duration of depreciation etc.

Maintenance and operation

  • Impact of installation and operation on maintenance actions as well as understanding the main parameters for tracking transformer wear.
  • Review of routine and specialized transformer tests and understanding when testing is required or advisable.

Transformer Life Assessment

  • Evaluation of the life duration of transformers according to IEC60076-7 and examples of aging calculations on transformers immersed in a liquid with different load cycles.
  • Present a method for calculating the health index of transformers and for gas analysis.

Classification of transformer failures

  • Summary of the faults encountered on a large sample of transformers (~300) according to 15 failure/fault categories.
  • List the critical parameters for predicting failures and the design improvements for reducing failure rates

Evolving EU regulations for improving the energy efficiency of the transformers

  • Review of the methodology, the actors, the implementation process and projected environmental benefits.

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