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Power Piping Services

Our experts help clients maintain safe and reliable operation of power piping systems by delivering thorough examination and field testing.

ASME Standards for Power Piping
The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) issued a revision to the B31.1 standard for power piping in 2007. This added requirements for inspection and record-keeping of covered piping systems. Tetra Engineering performs comprehensive power piping inspections according to the latest ASME B31.1 standard.

Importance of Inspections
Over time covered piping systems can develop defects that are not immediately apparent. The early detection of compromised components is important because otherwise minor defects can evolve into serious problems. The high pressure levels in power piping mean that failures can cause costly equipment damage and pose serious safety risks to personnel.

Tetra Engineering and ASME B31.1
Tetra Engineering has delivered quality inspection services for over 30 years. Our engineers look for creep, fatigue, corrosion, flow accelerated corrosion (FAC), and other types of deterioration during their inspections. Performing periodic inspections is an important part of prolonging power piping safety, reliability, efficiency, and profitability.

Field Inspections

The objective is targeted and judicious use of resources to detect damage in:

NDT Services

Development of detailed inspection plans identifying suitable techniques and locations for NDT according to specific plant design, process conditions and operating history.

Detailed Visual Inspection

Evaluate condition of all pipe supports and pipe fixtures to ensure that they are operating as designed.

Inspection Data Record Keeping

PipeVue 2.0 is used to document inspection data for required record keeping in accordance with ASME B31.1.

Piping System Engineering & Technical Support

Consult on recommended actions post-dynamic events (steam hammer, waterhammer, seismic, etc.)

Engineering design of new piping layouts including improved steam drain layouts

Engineering design of pipe hanger structural supports

Fitness-for-Service Assessments for Degraded Piping (ASME FFS-1/API-579, …)