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 Advanced Software for Power Plant Simulation 

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How a High Fidelity Thermal Plant Simulation Package Can Help Your
Engineering Group Keep Your Plants at Peak Productivity.


Tetra Engineering Group, Inc. and KED, GmbH have partnered to offer the industry's most advanced steam plant simulation package for your central office engineering team. 

The Power Plant Simulator and Designer system (PPSD) is a complete high fidelity plant and steam generator offering. Used by many OEM’s worldwide it is also a complete and independent system for plant operators and owners.

No matter what kind of thermal plant you operate, Conventional Coal (sub and supercritical), CFB Coal, IGCC Coal, Gas Turbine Combined Cycle, MSW boilers, package gas and oil systems, ORC heat recovery systems and solar hybrids, PPSD can give you the answers you need. Not only the overall heat balance and performance, but component performance details as well for both steady state and dynamic plant operation. This allows your staff to support levels of troubleshooting and modification engineering at lower cost and faster turnaround.

The PPSD system can also be easily integrated into any kind of “Digital” plant system or information cloud you might have.

Tetra Engineering has over 25 years of experience in supporting all types of thermal plants during design, development, operation and uprating. We use PPSD regularly in all phases of plant evaluation.

As a licensed representative of KED for PPSD as well as a key development partner we provide complete support to operating plant PPSD users. We can offer a complete package to get you up and running quickly. This includes: 

  • Corporate PPSD Licenses and Support (including upgrades and technical support). 
  • Initial Training of system users Development of initial plant models for your system (anywhere from one to several models for complete design and monitoring). 
  • Development of Operational Packages for the plant models to perform any number of key tasks such as performance trending, component life tracking, generation of unmonitored alarms using “hidden” data. 
  • Integration with “Digital plant systems”.

Contact Tetra today if you are interested in having your own in-house capability for this type ofanalysis. We can provide you with details of PPSD licensing, training and technical support.

For information contact:

North and South America:

David Moelling, +1 860 217 9331, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Europe/Africa/Middle East/Asia: 

James Malloy, +33 4 02060254, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.