Boiler & HRSG Water Chemistry and Corrosion Control

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This is a practical in-depth training course for power plant chemists and chemical engineers wishing to expand their knowledge and skills and to become more effective in their day to day roles dealing with thermal power plant chemistry. As it is a two-day course the focus is on the steam/water cycle in the plant with exclusion of cooling water and other water circuits in plant.
At the completion of this course the attendees should have a significantly increased understanding of cycle chemistry in a thermal power plant and the interrelationships between plant operation, cycle chemistry and potential failure modes due to corrosion and/or deposition throughout the cycle. A basic background level of power plant operations and chemistry knowledge is suggested for participants.

Course Syllabus

Corrosion and Deposition Damage Mechanisms in the Steam/Water Cycle

  • Steam Turbine and Steam Path
    • Chemistry of the Phase Transition Zone
    • Volatility of Impurities
    • Corrosion Processes
  • Boiler / Heat Recvoery Steam Generator (HRSG)
    • Deposition and Corrosion
    • Underdeposit Corrosion
    • Carryover
  • Condensate System, Feedwater Heaters and Deaerators
    • Single and Two Phase Flow-Accelerated Corrosion
    • Copper Alloy Corrosion
  • Condensers
    • Surface Condenser Tube Failures
    • Air Cooled Condenser Failures
  • Corrosion Product Sampling
    • Effective Total Iron and Total Copper Sampling and Analysis

Steam / Water Cycle Treatments and Monitoring

  • Treatment Programs
    • Ammonia and Neutralizing Amines
    • Filming Amines
    • All-volatile Treatment (O or R)
    • Oxygenated Treatment
    • Phosphate Treatments
    • Caustic Treatment
  • Cycle Chemistry Program Selection
    • Optimization of Current Program
    • Selection of Alternative Programs

Power Plant Chemistry Monitoring, Control and Management

  • Inter-relationship of Chemistry Monitoring Parameters
    • pH / Specific Conductivity Relationships
    • Contaminant / Cation Conductivity Relationships
    • Predicting O2 and CO2 Absorption
  • Inter-relationship of Chemistry Parameters around the Cylce
    • Boiler
    • Feedwater
    • Condensate / Makeup
  • Diagnosing and Troubleshooting Cycle Chemistry Issues
    • Trends and Validation Techniques

 For  more information about this course please contact Christine Vallon, or call our European office at +33 4 92 96 92 54. Tetra offers courses on client site or as per our public course schedule

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