Combined Cycle Fundamentals

Course Overview:

The course starts by providing a comprehensive introduction ta broad range of topics relating to the design, operation and maintenance of Gas Turbine Combined Cycle (GTCC) systems, with special emphasis on the integrated plant and steam cycle systems. It is therefore suitable for anyone involved with the construction, operation and/or management of GTCC power plants.
The course then focuses on the flexible operation of GTCC power plants, and addresses key operational factors where wide load changes, cycling and rapid starts, and low load parking operation are part of the mission requirements. Plant longevity, Operation & Maintenance (O&M) costs, response times, thermal efficiency and emissions issues are all covered in detail.
Group discussions will allow attendees to share their experiences and questions with others.


Course Locations:

Public courses are regularly held at both our European (France) and USA training facilities. Courses can also be delivered on-site and tailored ta client’s specific needs if required. Please contact your local Tetra training coordinator for further details (see website for details).

Course Syllabus:

Introduction the Combined Cycle Power Plant.
  • Introduction and Review of Thermal Power Cycles
  • Combined Cycle Systems
    • Gas Turbine (GT)
    • Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG)
    • Steam Turbine (ST)
  • Thermodynamics of Combined Cycle Power Plants
  • Control and Instrumentation
  • Thermal Performance Monitoring and Factors
  • Air, Water and Fuel Aspects
  • Operational Aspects
    • Startup
    • Cycling
    • Load Changes
    • Layup
Flexible Combined Cycle Power Plant Operations.
  • Overview of Flexible Plant Operation
    • Low Load
    • Fast Startup/Load Changes
    • Alternate Fuels
  • GT Aspects of Flexible Operation
  • ST Aspects of Flexible Operation
  • HRSG and Power Piping Issues
  • Emissions Control Aspects
  • Assessing Variable O&M Costs
  • Lifetime and Maintenance Issues

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