Boiler & Steam Cycle Knowledge Workshops

Programme Overview:

Tetra Engineering announces a series of targeted workshops to provide thermal and process plant O&M engineers, managers and operators with a working knowledge in several aspects of the boiler and steam process technology. Drawing on our field experience working at power and process plants throughout the world, the objective is to provide attendees with clear instruction on the operator actions and design issues that can impact reliability, efficiency and operating life.  The programme comprises a set of focussed, half-day training modules intended to leave attendees with a working knowledge on these issues.  A number of outside experts will join Tetra's senior staff in delivering the workshops.

The workshops are structured to allow attendees to 'pick and choose' topics that are relevant to their activity.  Attendees will benefit from course material reflecting the most up-to-date practices in Power Generation O&M.  This programme compliments courses that Tetra Engineering has offered for many years at locations throughout the world. Recent seminar sites have included USA, Turkey, UAE and Malaysia.

Each module can be selected individually, with significant savings to be had by attending all seven modules.

Course Syllabus:


  Morning Session - 8:00-12:30
Afternoon Session - 13:30-18:00
Day 1 

HRSG Design and Operation Fundamentals - Understand the key considerations involved in designing all the major HRSG components, their specific functions and how process conditions and operating regime may affect their reliability and operating life. 

Meeting B31.1 Requirements for Power Piping Inspection and Record Keeping - Learn how recent changes to the B31.1 code now require increased attention to inspection of “Covered Piping Systems”, obtain guidance on good practice for performing inspections and managing inspection records over the life of the plant. 

Day 2

Creep, Fatigue, and FAC - Gain insight into the theory underlying these common damage mechanisms, the best means to detect and monitor their presence and the best actions to reduce or eliminate their impact on your plant’s operations.

Performance, Efficiency and Ageing of Boilers - Know how to detect reduced boiler performance by reading the signs in the steam cycle process data, obtain an understanding of what O&M options are available for improving efficiency and reducing the impact of aging.

Day 3 

Waterside Deposits in Boiler & HRSG Components – Understand how and why deposits form, how they can impact the performance and life of your HRSG and boiler and what the range of options are for their prevention and removal.

Getting the Most out of your Metallurgist - Hear about the basics of metallurgical analysis, understand the limitations and how best to obtain the maximum amount of information from a given sample.

Day 4 

Fundamentals of Desuperheating – Learn the essentials for effective control of steam temperature in your plant: start with the basic thermodynamics of desuperheater operation, then consider how to choose from among different possible hardware configurations, gain an understanding of failures related to poor desuperheater operation and end with guidance on troubleshooting and good maintenance practices.

Engineering Software tools for O&M.Learn the basics of using two powerful engineering software tools for managing and optimizing your steam cycle operations.

  • Power Plant Simulator and Designer (by KED GmbH of Germany): This advanced thermal simulation tool is used by most HRSG and boiler OEM’s to design their units. (1hr)
  • PipeVue 2.0 (by Tetra Engineering): software for managing your plant’s piping inspection and repair data incorporating 3D visualization of pipe runs (1hr)


For  more information about this course please contact Christine Vallon, or call our European office at +33 4 92 96 92 54. Tetra offers courses on client site or as per our public course schedule

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