June, 2019 - Turbine Vibration

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June 14, 2019 in Sophia Antipolis, France

This course is presented in partnership with TG-Advisers, Inc.

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This intensive, full day course describes a major vibration related failure modes of large turbine generators that has plagued the industry for over 40 years. Both Lateral and Torsional vibration failures of turbine and generator have affected both fossil and nuclear designs and continue to challenge the industry. This is especially true of many of the new retrofits and generating unit upgrades being installed in both fossil and nuclear applications. During the class, the most current industry problems and failure issues are presented, along with case histories. Time is allotted for course attendees to discuss their own case studies and establish next step options for failure prevention. Each participant receives a comprehensive set of course notes, updated with the latest industry issues, as well as recent published papers by the author.

Who Should Attend?

Nuclear and fossil Operations, Maintenance and Technical Services teams responsible for Prime Mover availability and reliability. Past participants have included plant managers, supervisors, engineers, and suppliers of Turbine - Generator components and services, and insurers of Power Generation Equipment. In general, anyone in the power industry that wants a deeper understanding of steam turbine generator Lateral and Torsional Vibration Issues and how to prevent failures.

Course Syllabus

Course Highlights and Major Points.

• Overview of turbine generator Lateral and Torsional Vibrations.
• Typical failure modes associated with each major vibration issues
• Evolution of diagnostic technologies (analyses and tests) in the last forty years
• State of the Art "Testing and analysis methods"
• How lateral and torsional vibration can plague retrofit and generator reliability
• Fleet lateral vibration issues – unbalance, misalignment, bearing instabilities, looseness, etc.
• Fleet Torsional vibration issues – blade and rotor stresses from steady and transient generator induced torsional excitation
• Buyer be aware "Guidelines to use for acceptable design performance"
• 40 years of case studies and lessons learned
• Comprehensive notes and slide package for each participant


The registration fee for the course is 1400€ per person and includes all course materials, as well as a lunch each day of the course. Early-bird discount of 15% applies until 28 February, 2019.  Discount of 20% if included in the booking of a full track (five days of courses) or if any company books five or more days of courses in total for their staff.

To register or for more information, please contact Christine Vallon, or call our European office at +33 4 92 96 92 54.

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