Tetra Marks 25 Years Responding to the Needs of Combined Cycle Plant Owners

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We have solutions to your HRSG, Boiler and Power Piping Problems

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Tetra Engineering Group, Inc. has assisted the owners of natural gas-fired combined cycle plants with effective remedies to pressure part thermal performance and reliability issues since 1993.  This includes some of the following 'firsts' for Tetra:


First HRSG Assessment


First  Reliability Assessment - Standard HRSG OEM Design


First FAC Assessment for HRSG Tube Failures at Cogen

First High Energy Piping Inspection Plan


First HRSG Two-Shift Cycling Assessment


First HRSG Warranty Inspection

Third Party Review of Alternate TEG Distribution Grids

First HRSG Water Chemistry Training Seminar


1st HRSG Cost of Cycling Assessment

First CCGT High Energy Piping RCFA

First HRSG Purge Time Assessment

First Fuel Gas-Steam Pipe RCFA



First Bowed RH Tube Evaluation

1st Ed., HRSG Tube Failure Diagnostic Guide

 RH Tube RCFA -  Fleet of Standard HRSG Design

Third Party Review of HRSG Harp Weld Quality

HRSG Design Review for Owner


1st Piping Stress Analysis - HRSG RH Piping

Field Support following CRH Waterhammer Event

First CCGT Pipe Support Inspection

1st Ed., HUG O&M Manual

1st 3D Knowledge Management System


1st  Review of Attemeprator Spray Control Logic

First Hot Reheat Drainpot RCFA

First Evaluation of High Energy Steam Drain Capacity

HRSG Baseline - North Africa

PipeVue 1.0 - First KMS for Piping


HRSG and Steam Plant FFS - 10 Year Program

HRSG T23 Failure and Weld Quality

First Vertical Gas Path HRSG Tube RCFA

First Cost of Cycling Assessment

1st Ed., HRSG Inspection Planning Guide


1st Evaluation - Changed Main Steam Temperature

First HRSG RCFA Projects - Various Clients in Mexico

HRSG Component Reliability Database

1st HRSG EOH Assessment


1st NFPA 85 Improved Purge Time Evaluation

Third Party RCFA - Need for Chemical Cleaning

First Grade 91 Inspection Plan & Field Inspections

Engineering Review of Replacement Deaerator Design


HRSG Thermal Design Tool: PPSD - Various Projects

Design and Installation of Improved RH Header Restraint

First Onsite Water Treatment Program Upgrade

First HRSG Hot Spot Warranty Project - Ireland


1st FFS for Bulged CRH Piping Damage 

Field Support - Main Steam Stop Valve Damage

First ACC Inspection and Thermal Performance Evaluation

First LP ECON Header RCFA - Middle East


1st CPS Piping Program - New ASME Requirements

First Deaerator Inspection and Condition Assessment

First FFS for Localized Thinning of FW Piping

First Casing Hot Spot Repair with Pumpable Insulation


1st ACC Inspection and Condition Assessment

Thermal Evaluation of RH Lower Link to Manifold Cracking

Seawater Contamination during Commissioning - Middle East

P91 Hot Reheat Lateral Inspection and RCFA


1st CFD Analysis of Perforated Plate in HRSG Duct

Third Party Engineering Review of OEM Re-Design of LP Evaporator

HRSG Damage and Remaining Life following Seawater Contamination


1st HRSG Warranty Inspection - Peru

Long Term Third Party Witness - Offshore HRSG Fabrication

1st P91 Risk Assessment & Inspection Plan - IWPP Plant


1st Benson Boiler HRSG Warranty Inspections

HRSG Outlet Manifold Creep-Fatigue RCFA

Main Steam Piping RCFA

PipeVue 2.0 - Released for Various Projects

Thermal Modeling - Prudhoe Bay Glycol Heating System

HRSG Vibration Study - Belgium

Tetra Engineering Middle East Opened - Dubai, UAE


1st Fleet-Wide HRSG Health Check Assessment

Survey of Industry 'Rust' Release Experiences after Startup

Engineering Design and Purchase Spec. for Alteration to HRH Lateral

1st UT Linear Phased Array Inspection in Mexico


3rd Edition, HRSG Tube Failure Diagnostic Guide

HRSG Beyond Design Lifetime Condition Assessment

Stress Analysis and Site Support  for Alteration of HRH Lateral

NFPA-85 Purge Compliance after Alteration - SCGT

Duct Burner RCFA


1st CPS Piping Program - Canada

Engineering Study of HRSG Pre-Heat System for CO Emissions Control

First Condition Assessment for Once-Through SG - LM6000 Plant

Engineering Spec. for HRH Attemperator Upgrade


First Fleet-Wide CPS (High Energy) Piping Program

15 Year Re-Evaluation of HRSG Cycling Assessment


Our thanks to our clients for their patronage over all these years.  

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Established in 1988, Tetra Engineering has more than 25 years experience providing solutions to the power industry. We specialize in solutions for HRSGs, conventional boilers & steam-cycle balance of plant.


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