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Managing HRSG Pressure Part Integrity & Repairs

This course is primarily intended for O&M staff working in HRSG plants. It could also be of interest to corporate engineering and management staff, and those working in other thermal power and process plants. The objective is to give attendees a comprehensive view of the strategy, actions and considerations involved in effectively managing and thereby assuring the integrity of piping, tubing and vessels that form the pressure boundary to steam or water process fluid. A range of topics relating to the design, inspection and repair of relevant components are treated using a combination of theory and practical examples.

Seminar Syllabus

Introduction and Overview

Understand the key considerations involved in designing plant components that form the pressure boundary and their typical operating conditions

  • HRSG and Piping Designs (major components, design options, design codes)
  • HRSG Operations


Gain insight into the theory underlying the most damage mechanisms that affect pressure boundary components, either on the waterside or fire/air-side.

  • Key Damage Mechanism
  • Main Areas of Degradation

Life Management for High Reliability and Availability 

A survey of techniques and practices for inspecting and analyzing pressure parts and pressure part failures, with the goal of assuring their integrity over the plant’s design life.

  • Useful Remaining Life Assessment 
  • Monitoring and Inspection
  • Knowledge Management
  • Root Cause of Failure Analysis

Pressure Part Replacement and Repairs 

Learn how to best plan and then perform repairs to meet the challenge of achieving schedule, cost and quality objectives.

  • Individual Tube Replacement/Repair/Plugging
  • Tube Panel Replacement 
  • Tube Module Replacement 
  • Engineering, Procurement and Replacement Actions

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