Fall 2019 Course Offerings - Middle East

Join us in either Dubai or Karachi this fall for HRSG & Waste Heat Boiler training!

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October 6-7:  HRSG Inspection Fundamentals  - Dubai, UAE
Tetra Engineering Group, Inc. (TETRA) was established in 1988 in the USA and since then has been providing specialized engineering services to operators of power generation boilers and thermal process plants worldwide.  Starting in 1993, TETRA was one of the first companies to perform HRSG inspections independent of the OEMs.  They have conducted over 1000 inspections at more than 250 power plant sites located throughout the world. This training course was developed using that extensive experience.  

October 6-7: Managing Boiler PP IntegrityDubai, UAE
The objective of this course is to give attendees a comprehensive view of the strategy, actions and considerations involved in effectively managing and thereby assuring the integrity of piping, tubing and vessels that form the pressure boundary to steam or water process fluid. A range of topics relating to the design, inspection and repair of relevant components are treated using a combination of theory and numerous practical examples. The examples are all based on actual project cases encountered by Tetra Engineering staff at plants around the world. 

October 6-7: Biomass & Waste to EnergyDubai, UAE
This training course is primarily intended for experienced O&M staff working in thermal power and process plants, but could also be of interest to corporate engineering and management staff. The objective is to give attendees a comprehensive view of the development, design and usage of Biomass and Waste Heat Boilers. Course instructor is Prof. Bo Leckner from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden who has over 50 years' experience on the subject. 
October 14thEffective Operation of the HRSGKarachi, Pakistan
The objective of this short course is to give attendees a comprehensive yet in-depth survey of a broad range of topics relating to the design, operation and maintenance of the HRSG and associated steam cycle systems. 
October 15thRoot Cause AnalysisKarachi, Pakistan
The objective of this short course is to give attendees all the essentials for effective determination of the root cause of failures that can occur in the boiler or associated steam balance-of-plant. The principal failure modes are reviewed, with focus on those occurring in the boiler, critical piping and other key components such as pressure vessels and condensers.

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