June 2019: Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) Boilers

June 11 & 12, 2019 in Sophia Antipolis, France

Course Overview:

This training course is primarily intended for experienced O&M staff working in thermal power and process plants, but could also be of interest to corporate engineering and management staff. The course consists of a survey of the most important design and operational aspects of CFB boilers and their components. Selected fundamental matter (fluidization) with importance for the operation and performance of such boilers is also treated.

Course Syllabus:

Day One

  • General Overview  (History of development of CFB and FB, types of CFB and their characteristics)
  • Some aspects of fluidization (Voidage, particle size concepts, minimum fluidization velocity, transport velocity and other basic concepts)
  • Fuel Properties with significance for operation and performance (coal, biomass, and waste)
  • Overall Thermal Design (Heat balance, heat transfer and allocation of heat transfer surfaces, Influence of fuel, co-combustion,)
  • Key Design Factors:  Bed, Furnace, Cyclone, Loop Seal, Fuel feed system and location, External heat exchangers

Day Two

  • Bed Inventory and PSD Management (Pressure drop, and Pressure measurements, circulation loop)
  • Ash Systems and Management (bottom ash, fly ash, ash cooling, recycling)
  • Bed Agglomeration and deposits on heat transfer surface
  • Control Aspects (Bed material control, Bed temperature control)
  • Air Emissions (Type of emissions and how they are influenced, CO, NO, SO2, etc)
  • Part Load and Transient Operation
  • Performance, Troubleshooting

Course Excursion

Course participants will receive the option of attending a complimentary excursion to the surrounding area of natural beauty and world famous perfume country; complete with an evening meal at an excellent local restaurant. 


The registration fee for the course is 1195€ per person and includes all course materials, as well as a lunch each day of the course. We also offer a group discount for multiple registrations. For every 3 attendees from the same company (or parent company) the fourth registration is FREE.

To register or for more information, please contact Christine Vallon, or call our European office at +33 4 92 96 92 54.

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