Inspection and Condition Assessment

Planning Inspection Analysis

Our Inspection Services are provided at three levels:

Visual Inspection : Encompasses a careful walk-down of the boiler or HRSG hot-gas path, steam drums and unit externals as well as in some cases internal (Borescope) inspection of waterside surfaces.

Condition Assessment : A detailed report of the HRSG or the boiler's condition drawing on data from: a visual inspection, boiler process simulations and a thorough review of boiler design and historical operating data.

Life Management : In addition to a Condition Assessment, Customised Inspection Plans are developed identifying how to manage wear associated with key damage mechanisms for your specific boiler and operating regime.

Regular inspection by an independent engineer is the key to boiler or HRSG longevity!


A Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) or boiler may see harsh service conditions during its operation.  Good designs will go a long way to ensuring that the components last for the intended duration and beyond, but degradation is inevitable.  It is preferable to monitor that degradation so that preparations can be made for repair before it is too late.  Inspection findings can be difficult to interpret and that is why an experienced engineer is best suited to the job. 

Tetra has performed more than 550 HRSG inspections across 200 sites and thereby amassed a broad base of experience with steam generators of nearly every design and operating history.

Visual Inspection

Tetra offers inspections for HRSGs and radiant boilers of all capacities and types according to the scope that best suits the client.  Typically an inspection will entail Visual Inspection of the hot-gas path, the drum(s), the externals and the boiler or HRSG-scope piping.  Additional requirements can be also included: commonly videoscope inspection of key components in the waterside that are otherwise inaccessible for inspection is performed.

Condition Assessment

In addition to the above scope, an in depth review of the condition of the boiler, with consideration for its past excursions and operating history, can be made.  This provides Owners and Operators with a detailed review of the HRSG's condition with respect to its design life.  A boiler simulation is used to compare design performance with actual performance and estimate the pressure parts that have seen the greatest performance degradation.

Tetra HRSG Inspection Engineer

Life Management Services

As a comprehensive service Tetra integrates targeted risk assessments into a Steam System Life Management Plan.  The risk assessments are used for developing detailed inspection plans to be followed by field inspectors.   As the boiler or HRSG ages, and more assessments are made, inspection plans may be adjusted to accommodate inspection results.
Tetra manages and interprets the data from inspection results and operating history using a Knowledge Management tool, which can be used as the primary deliverable.

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