Power Plant Simulator & Designer Package (PPSD) Version 19.1.

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Tetra Engineering and KED are pleased to announce the release of the Power Plant Simulator & Designer Package (PPSD) Version 19.1. PPSD is a state of the art design and analysis/troubleshooting package for nearly any type of thermal power plant. It includes the capability for both steady state and dynamic simulation and analysis and is developed by KED in Germany. 

HRSG Inspections - The Key to Reliability

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At Combined Cycle Power Plants the Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) is an easily-overlooked, but key component, providing steam to the steam turbine and to attached process steam hosts.  While base-loaded HRSGs tend to be the most reliable - cycled or two-shifted plants suffering from accelerated damage - the importance of allocating sufficient resources to maintenance of the HRSG is often only realised in hindsight. 

HRSG Inspection Planning Guide

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Inspection is part of routine maintenance for any Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG).  Visual inspections are performed at regular intervals in accordance with the requirements of regulatory bodies and insurers.  In the US statutory inspections are mandated typically every year although some jurisdictions allow justification for longer intervals.   Additional inspections are sometimes performed to establish the baseline condition of the HRSG (often early in life, but not always) or to perform less frequent special inspections to confirm component integrity. 

Using Thermohydraulic Simulations to Assess HRSG Performance

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Thermohydraulic simulations can provide detailed heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) data to help determine the root cause of failures, predict the degree of wear from various mechanisms, and assess the overall thermal efficiency of the boilers. In this article, the results obtained from three case studies are presented to show the real-world benefits obtained through thermodynamic simulations.

Tetra Marks 25 Years Responding to the Needs of Combined Cycle Plant Owners

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We have solutions to your HRSG, Boiler and Power Piping Problems

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Tetra In Action #12, July 2018

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Managing the Power Piping in CCGT Plants

Risk of failure and attendant personnel safety concerns are always present when operating highly-pressurized systems.  Over the years, the occurrence of catastrophic events has driven improvements in construction codes and updated recommendations for O&M practices.  As part of this trend, expanded requirements for operations and maintenance (O&M) were recently added to the ASME Code for Power Piping—ASME B31.1.   The “Chapter VII Operation and Maintenance” was created in 2007 to prescribe guidelines that promoted early failure detection and overall safety. This was a fundamental change to the scope of B31.1, which up until then was strictly a design code; going forward, it now serves a dual purpose…

Read the full story by our colleague Robert Rosario, published online in Power Magazine here.

2018 CPS Piping Services for CCGT Plants

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2018 CPS Piping Services for CCGT Plants

Tetra Engineering Group, Inc. has assisted many owners of natural gas-fired combined cycle plants with the development of effective Covered Piping Systems (CPS) Programs, Inspection Plans, Pipe Stress Analysis and Field NDT since the ASME adopted the new Code requirements for piping O&M in Section B31.1 Chapter VII in 2007.

Tetra has developed such programs for CCGT owners in the US, Canada, Mexico and the Middle East.  They have been prepared for 'bubble' 2x1 design with F-class gas turbines as well as modern 1x1 fast-start units, plants with aeroderivative GTs and once-through steam generators as well as smaller units operated by municipal power companies, some of which are in cogeneration service. 

Based on the latest B31.1 requirements, the CPS Program Plan is tailored to meet your requirements especially regarding the scheduling of NDT inspections over multiple outages to distribute costs and meet outage budget constraints

Covered Piping systems O&M Programs for CCGT Plants

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